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Shipping rates direct from Egypt
« en: Septiembre 14, 2011, 08:21:33 am »
A lot of people in the past have asked me why do i ship direct from Egypt to the customer...

Well after a lot of calculations and thought the reasons are as follows

1, Dealing direct with Egypt i have a distinct advantage of getting for my customers unusual items probably not found elswhere

2, The customer knows it is authentic coming straight from the motherland

3, I do not have to deal with whoelsale quantitys and i feel i offer the customer a more personal service this way

4, Here is an example if i had the products here in Cyprus on what shipping costs would be against what shipping costs are direct

Egypt to Spain  normal surface mail  based on a 6kg parcel up to 7 days   35 euro
Cyprus to Spain normal surface mail based on 6kg parcel up to 7 days      39.30 euro

The same parcels in the same order    EMS Egypt to spain    45 euro 3 days
                                                            EMS Cyprus to spain   52.11 euro  3 days

And the same goes for all other european countrys cheaper to ship direct rather than from Cyprus


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Re:Shipping rates direct from Egypt
« Respuesta #1 en: Septiembre 14, 2011, 08:41:55 am »
Thanks for information Terry, it's very interesting. Also, it doesn't have customs between Spain and Egypt, because we have free trade agreement :D

I would like travel to Egypt, to see pyramids... and KM, and Temsaah's factory hahaha

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Re:Shipping rates direct from Egypt
« Respuesta #2 en: Septiembre 14, 2011, 08:55:37 am »
I have been to Egypt many many years ago. when i went to the pyramids i stood there just looking at them for over an hour... just thinking wow!! the Cairo museum is an experience not to be missed... unfortunatlely i didnt get to KM  :-[
But hopefully sometime in november i,ll be on my way  :)