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In Memoriam of Hajo FLETTNER
« en: Enero 30, 2012, 07:57:51 pm »
A couple of days ago I received a message from a member of an American Forum (Hookah pro Forum) saying he had had news about our thread on Hajo Flettner and his death, and would like to share with us a few more details about his close friend and his hard life. Thinking that the vast majority in here are Spaniards, he somehow requested that we translate his words and I offered to do so. Nevertheless, before I do it, I think that the original text belongs in here. So here You are:

"Recently a compatriot of mine sent me a link of a topic posted here started by Hookah-Burdar that discussed my longtime and recently deceased friend and comrade Hajo Flettner. As he was a friend of Hookah-Burdar’s, a fan of Spanish culture and all things narghile, I decided to give a little background on him to hookahSpain.

Hajo was born in Heydkrug, Lithuania and fled with his family in the late ‘60s after running into trouble with the Soviet authorities. His family went to Rhodesia and I meet him in Salisbury at university. We both ended upon in the police for different reasons and eventually we ended up in the same police unit during the war for a while before he transferred into the light infantry. He was captured and tortured severely but he was liberated and continued to serve. His family met a very gruesome end after the war which I won’t go into but that experience changed him.

After the war he ended up in the U.K. but was denied asylum and left for South West Africa (now Namibia) and got a doctorate but went into police work for a while before he eventually ended up serving in the so called Bush War. He was terribly maimed by an RPG round that cost him a big portion of his face yet he served till the war was lost. His numerous in injuries caused him a terrific deal trouble resulting in dozens of bone and skin grafts over the years and numerous hospital stays.

After the Bush War he ended up in the U.S.A. and after a stint of homelessness eventually worked as a teacher and professor before quitting after losing his second family to a drunk driver. When he faced having his citizenship revoked he left the U.S. and moved to Lithuania. He worked providing sales support/engineering/management in the food/drink production industry and spent nearly all of his time traveling for a lot of years.

He had several near death experiences from old injuries which influenced his musical output. He was an avid fan traditional Arab, Iranian and Indian music but was accomplished in early Occidental music as well as numerous forms of underground rock. Several of his musical efforts have been released by tiny labels over the years.

Most of all he loved tobacco lore and had become an authority on traditional moassels, juraks and tombacs of all sorts. His tobacco library was extensive and his respect for smoking traditions impressive.

He died during a firefight somewhere in Corsica in October from multiple wounds. While I’ve been unable to find out much apparently three of his assailants died as well. Apparently he knew what was coming but never elaborated on the matter.

What matters most of all is that he was a man of noble character that sacrificed a great deal to numerous people including myself.

Alister Suggsden


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Re:In Memoriam of Hajo FLETTNER
« Respuesta #1 en: Enero 30, 2012, 08:14:11 pm »
Thanks Alister, and thanks again HookahBurdar for show who was Hajo, the teacher of all hookah lovers.

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